Pyjamas with a Purpose

Our mission is to help you, parents, save money and help your kids potty train more quickly, while reducing waste in landfills and preserving our beautiful planet. 🌎

Over 25,000,000 nappies kept from landfills, and counting!


Peejamas are so durable they won’t begin to lose their absorbency for more than 300 washes!


Peejamas are 1/3 the cost of disposable nappies per use. Simply wash them and they’re ready to use again!


Peejamas are made exclusively with certifiably safe fabrics, ensuring safety for contact with your child's skin and include the highest quality thread counts, making Peejamas comfortable AND durable!

See For Yourself Why Parents Love Peejamas

We are loving the help we are getting from these amazing pajamas and she was so excited when she got them! Thank you, Peejamas!

Kayla D.

Great customer service and even better quality love it ❤️

Leah M.

We love these Peejamas! Any chance of a larger size in the future? Great product!!!

Julie M.

My son is potty trained, but he was having so many accidents during the night! These Peejamas were the best solution. It’s also super Cute!

Barbara B.

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