Product-Related Questions

Q: How do Peejamas work?

A: Contrary to nappies which absorb any and all moisture, Peejamas are designed to slowly absorb liquid and not as much (about 10oz) as a nappy, which causes the child to feel a wet sensation and encourage them to get up and go to the bathroom. What often happens with nappies is children get too comfortable wetting them and the potty training process is prolonged. Peejamas can absorb roughly 3 pees a night for light to moderate pee-ers and can be washed 300+ times, making them the perfect stepping stone to overcoming night-time potty training. Our mission is to help you - parents - save money and help your child potty-train more quickly, while reducing waste in landfills and preserving our beautiful planet. 


Q: Do Peejamas work for everyone?

A: Peejamas have helped thousands of kids with their potty training experience and we fully believe in the reliability of our patented product. However, Peejamas are not (yet) the answer for every child. Currently, Peejamas will reliably hold 10 oz. of fluid, which may not be enough for all kids. If your child is still filling their nappy overnight, has an active or overactive bladder, or is a heavier wetter, we recommend pairing our pyjamas with a bed pad to ensure your mattress stays dry. 


Q: How do Peejamas fit?

A: To abide by the CPSC regulations for children's sleepwear that do not have fire retardant chemicals, Peejamas are a tapered fit. This means our pyjama tops are tapered from shoulder to wrist and chest to waist. On the bottoms, they are tapered from the waist to the ankles. Because of the fit and potential shrinkage, some parents prefer to size up when purchasing Peejamas.


Q: Do Peejamas shrink?

A: Peejamas are NOT pre-washed, meaning they may shrink. Please account for possible shrinkage of up to 1" - 2cm when determining your sizing.


Q: How do I wash Peejamas?

A: Prewash Instructions: After determining if Peejamas fit right, prewash bottoms inside out at least 5 times in cold water and tumble dry on a low heat to loosen absorbent material. Energy efficient and front load washers may require more pre-washes as they generally have a more gentle wash cycle. Tops can be prewashed once and tumbled dry on a low heat.

After Use Washing: Wash regularly as needed on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry on a low heat. We recommend drying the bottoms inside out to speed up the dry time. We suggest using a laundry detergent free of perfumes and dyes. To avoid lingering urine odour, wash as soon as possible after the child wets. If necessary, adding one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda diluted in one cup of water to the stained area can help in the event of a lingering smell.


Q: Do Peejamas cause a rash?

ARashes caused by Peejamas are extremely unlikely. The fabric of Peejamas is specially designed with bamboo. Bamboo is a natural antimicrobial and kills bacteria naturally. Due to the nature of our very kid-safe material, if a rash occurs, it will likely be because your child has an unknown allergy OR has been wearing soiled Peejamas for too long.


Q: Does Peejamas use fire retardant chemicals on their jammies?

A: Peejamas does not use fire retardant chemicals. We are committed to only selling products that we, ourselves, would put on our own children. We will always abide by that. As such, we do not have fire retardants in our fabrics. 


Q: Does Peejamas follow Office for Product Safety and Standards Requirements?

A: Peejamas does abide by CPSC regulations. We perform regular tests on the quality of our fabrics, including required testing for lead. Peejamas has passed all such product testing with flying colours! Please note the yellow tags on our pyjamas denoting that Peejamas do not include fire retardant chemicals and thus are meant to have a more 'snug' or 'fitted' design. 




Q: How long do Peejamas take to ship?

A: Peejamas typically ship within 1-2 business days from the date of purchase. 


Q: Does Peejamas sell out-of-stock items on back-order?

A: We do not currently offer products on back-order. If you are somehow able to make a purchase of a product on back-order, please let us know so we can rectify that immediately and provide an alternative product or a full refund on your order. 


Q: Do you ship internationally?!






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